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Cracked brick wall

Subsidence reports carried out by skilled structural engineers

DMC Consulting Engineers work with London-based homeowners to investigate all concerns about potential subsidence.

Know where your property stands when it comes to subsidence

Subsidence is a word that can give any homeowner a sinking feeling. However, we can thoroughly investigate and offer advice on how to make an insurance claim if subsidence is found.

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What causes subsidence?

Subsidence happens when the ground beneath your home is shifted, causing large cracks and structural damage to appear. In London's clay soil areas this is often caused by tree root growth or by adjacent foundation work carried out by neighbours.

Could the cracks in my property be subsidence?

A crack in your home may or may not be caused by subsidence. However, if you've noticed these signs, subsidence is a likely cause:

  • Diagonal cracks that are wider at the top than the bottom

  • Cracks wider than a 10p piece (about 3mm)

  • Cracks that can be seen on the inside and outside of your home, often near a door or window

  • Windows and doors that start to stick (this is caused by the frame warping when the property sinks)

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What should I do if I suspect subsidence?

Subsidence is one of those things that's best caught early. If you've noticed any suspicious cracks in your home, call our team straight away.  We can compile a detailed report and advise what procedures to adopt when making a building insurance claim or appointing loss adjusters. We always work with our client's best interests at heart and will do everything possible to ensure a successful outcome.

Need a subsidence report for your home? Call us now on 020 7275 8185.

You can also email the team at DMC Consulting Engineers using the form below and we'll call you back.

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