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Need expert advice on Building Regulations? We can help!

Having been in the structural engineering industry since 1985, DMC Consulting Engineers is in an excellent position to advise London homeowners on how to comply with Building Regulations.

Make sure your project ideas are within the law

The Building Regulations 2010 applies to certain alterations within your home, as well as the construction of new buildings. If you're considering a major project, it's important to make sure you have approval from your local authority first. DMC Consulting Engineers is able to offer expert advice to all homeowners within the M25 area.

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Do my alterations require approval?

While most home improvement projects don't require approval certain jobs may need to be approved by your local authority. This can include things such as:

  • Replacing or installing a heating system

  • Installing a fixed air conditioning system

  • Electrical work such as replacing fuse boxes

If work is done without the correct approval, this means you won't have the correct certificates of compliance which may be needed when you sell your home.

How can DMC Consulting Engineers help?

In our role of providing structural calculations and building details, we can liaise with the local authorities across London and ensure that the proposed works comply with current Building Regulations.


Our experience extends beyond the structural side of things, meaning we can advise on matters such as thermal insulation, ventilation, drainage and fire safety issues.  

We strive to keep our knowledge up to date to ensure our advice reflects current regulations which, in recent years, have changed considerably.

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For clear advice on Building Regulations call DMC Consulting Engineers now on 020 7275 8185.

Alternatively, send us an email and we'll call you back.

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